4 Tips on When and How to Buy Kitchen Appliances

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best place to buy appliancesThose big ticket kitchen appliances, the stove, refrigerator, dishwasher and microwave, cost a lot of money and you expect them to last a very long time. However, inevitably, they do start to wear down. Plus, sometimes, say when moving into a new home, we just want to upgrade our models or change the looks of the kitchen. However, the best place to buy appliances is not where you find yourself in desperate need of one or more appliances. The best way to get discounted kitchen appliances is to be strategic about it. Know when the right time is to make the plunge and you can save a bundle when you buy kitchen appliances.

4 Tips on When and How to Buy Kitchen Appliances

1. A Christmas Present for Yourself.  Between Thanksgiving and Christmas and indeed right on through New Year’s Day, almost everyone is shopping, but virtually no one is buying kitchen appliances. This is in fact a surprisingly good time to get in the market. During this low sales period, merchants need to move inventory, do so by often offering great deals on what they call “white sales.” Have the cash put aside, keep your eyes peeled and you can snag some great deals.

2. Reading, Writing and Appliance Shopping. Though not quite as pronounced as the Thanksgiving to Christmas stretch, late summer and early fall is another time when people are spending their money on other things – most notably getting the kids all fixed-out for a new school year. From later summer through to until mid-September, there is another window in which retailers and manufacturers want to incentivize you to buy their appliances. If the incentives work for your pocket book, it’s a great time to take the plunge.

3. Any time is a good time when it’s the right time. The fact is that the big retailers are constantly adjusting to consumer demand. If you’re willing to buy any time that others aren’t, you can benefit from the retailers and manufacturer’s need to turn over inventory. A smart approach is to sign up for e-mail alerts from major merchants and keep their eyes on specials, including newspaper circulars.

4. Value in Numbers. Remember, whenever you choose to buy, you’ll save more money if you purchase two or more appliances from one manufacturer or retailer. The value can be so good, that it can often pay big dividends to hold out until you actually need and can afford to buy two or more appliances at a time. Indeed, when you factor in what you might get on selling your current appliances second hand and the value you get from buying multiple units (especially at the prime periods mentioned above), it might be a good idea to go for multiple appliances just to renew the look and improve the value of your home. Always, though, be prepared to haggle and get quotes from more than one retailer.

We hope these tips on how and when to buy kitchen appliances helps you with knowing the best time and the place to buy appliances to get the great discount kitchen appliances that will improve the enjoyment of your home.


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