5 Design Ideas for Bedrooms without Dressers

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design ideas for bedroomsThere are a variety of reasons one might not have a dresser in the bedroom, from the need to conserve space in the room, to a budgetary shortage, to even a commitment to live with less stuff. Many indeed are finding it an intriguing lifestyle choice. However, whatever one’s motives, the desired outcome isn’t to have a messy bedroom. Whatever may be your motives for such a choice, HIR offers some cozy bedroom ideas for organization and storage. We hope these contemporary bedroom decorating ideas help you find the design ideas for bedrooms without dressers that meet your needs.

5 Design Ideas for Bedrooms without Dressers

1. Start with the Closet

If you’re not going to have a dresser, it will be essential to make the best use possible out of your closet. To begin, use the floor space of the closet for storing any number of items that might otherwise go in a dresser: lingerie, socks, T-shirts and pajamas. If it is at all big enough, you will benefit by installing shelves. Of course, you could simply store the items that would otherwise be in a dresser on the shelves, but you can see how this approach may quickly lead to a disorganized mess. A better plan is to place those items into containers to keep them organized. Wooden boxes or fabric cubes could work great for this job. Then be sure to label the containers so you can see at a glance which one to take down from the shelf to find the desired item. Or another fun idea is to cut out pictures from magazines to put on the containers and identify their content. Taking this approach allows you to optimize the vertical space of the closet, as you can install shelving all the way to the ceiling. Having a little foldaway step ladder close at hand will that you can retrieve at need allows you to easily identify and bring down the correct box for the item you need.

2. More than Monsters and Dust Bunnies under the Bed

While some people enjoy the close-to-floor sleeping experience of say a futon, most people have beds raised up off the floor. While most adults have left behind their childlike concerns for monsters under the bed, there’s plenty of space under there that shouldn’t go to waste – nor should it be left the exclusive domain of the dust bunnies. Again, adding just a little organizational flair can go a long way. There are on the market under-the-bed storage units that you can buy from home improvement or furniture stores. If saving some money is part of the motivation, or if you’re just an incorrigible DIYer, build your own store-away drawers. You could recycle and refinish the drawers from an old, neglect night stand, dresser or cabinets in your own home, or find one at a local thrift store. Attach some casters to the bottom of the drawers. Then you can fill them with the desired items, roll them away under the bed for easy out of sight storage that provides quick and easy access.

3. Trunks, Not Just for Transatlantic Journey’s Anymore

Remember that great scene from the Titanic, with the wealthy passengers coming aboard, with all their many beautiful trunks packed with life’s needs. Nowadays, unfortunately, so many of those beautiful old trunks have been neglected in dusty old attics and basements. If you’re planning a bedroom without a dresser, though, this is a great opportunity to kill the two proverbial birds with one stone. You can greatly and beautifully enhance your storage space, while saving and renovating a wonderful piece of craftsmanship that you recover from your parents attic, a flea market or maybe even a thrift store. (If saving money is a concern, probably best to keep away from, or at least exercise restraint in, antique shops.) These trucks are wonderful for storing seasonal items or blankets. Anything that you wouldn’t be using daily, or even weekly, but will want to have access to down the road when you do need it, is perfect for the trunk. A good idea is to place silica gel packs and moth balls into the trunk before placing in clean clothing and blankets. This way you can ensure against either moisture or insect damage to items that may be out of sight for some while. Another nice touch is to also add sachets of lavender, mint or cedar chips to the items in the truck, to avoid the moth ball smell, which doesn’t appeal to everyone. Once that’s done the trunk can be stored out of sight, though if it’s a beautiful old piece that might seem like a bit of a waste. Maybe, if you have the space, it would be nice to artfully refinish it and use it as a delightful decorative item in the bedroom, or even elsewhere in the house.

4. Suitcases, Too

Why have them lie around empty? It’s really surprising how many people who are trying to conserve space in the home have piles of empty suitcases stashed away somewhere. Just like the trunk ideas above, they too can be used to keep items not used on a daily basis. It’s also a good idea to follow the same suggestion for safe and well odored storage as with the trunks.

5. Organizing Before you Organize

If reducing space is part of the reason you’ve decided to go dresserless, then probably a good first step is to make sure that all the things for which you’ll be making room by means of the suggestions above are really things that you actually do want to and need to keep. Many of us have a tendency to just cling onto stuff because, well, because we always have had it. It can be like a bad habit, keeping stuff around that we never use. If you have boxes that you habitually move from one home to the next without ever opening, maybe it’s time for some discriminating weeding out of what is really important to you. Any additional storage space you can create in the home will be beneficial. For the bedroom in particular, think about your clothing. What do you really wear and what are you unlikely to ever wear again? A reasonable rule to follow it to donate any clothing that no longer fits properly, is out-of-style or that you haven’t worn in at least a year. To some people, this may seem like odd advice, but, trust me, for others it is to the point: by all means, do toss out any thoroughly damaged or dingy items. Also, wash all of your clothing before putting it into long-term storage so that lingering body odor doesn’t attract insects. If you ensure that only the essentials, the seasonal items, that you indeed will and do wear on a daily basis are all that are kept in the bedroom, you are well on the way to having a functional and appealing dresserless bedroom. For additional storage ideas, check out our 10 Best Selling Storage and Organization Products.

We hope these cozy bedroom ideas for smart organization and storage provide some great contemporary bedroom decorating ideas that aid you in finding the design ideas for bedrooms without dressers that meet your needs.


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