5 Great Tips for Inexpensive Home Make Overs

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You don’t have to blow the budget to see real improvement in the feel and look of your home. Let’s start then with some free home decorating ideas. These are home makes overs that you can do on a modest budget to give your home a spruced-up feeling and a little more pizzazz.

The 5 Great Home Make Overs

  1. Bring that kitchen back to life. There is no shortage of great little projects for remodeling your kitchen. When looking for a fresh feel though nothing works better than brightening up those drab countertops. Home Improvement Rocks will have a couple posts specifically dedicated to this topic later in the week. New cabinets are great, but much more expensive. The new countertop though gives the kitchen a rejuvenated feel, adds convenience to kitchen activities and offers a wide variety of much less expensive options. There is stainless steel, cast concrete, solid surfacing and terrazzo composites. More on these options soon!
  2. Bathroom decorating ideas on a budget. There are a number of ideas to accessorize the bathroom that will provide enhanced comfort and safety for your family and guests. Consider the many small changes that can add up to big time improvement over the long haul. A wider entry door, easy-to-grasp door and cabinet handles, rocker light switches, grab bars, and that great new shower head that is removable and hand-held. are a few of the additions that can go a long way in making your bathroom a more comfortable and secure environment for minimal cost.
  3. Add some color throughout the house. Of all the great ideas to spruce up your home on a budget the most affordable, and yet the one that spreads your investment the farthest, is a fresh coat of paint. Whether you want to get rid of bad color choices from the past or add new rainbow’s of possibility to a previously drag space, a fresh painting goes a long way in revitalizing your home. Remember, if you’re a little nervous about a big change, that most manufacturers offer handy sample sizes for testing new colors and hues.
  4. You can sleep on it. Maybe it isn’t your home that needs a pick me up, but you that do. How long have you had your current mattress? Like the old story about the frog in the gradually boiling water, mattresses can get pretty old without us noticing and that contributes to poor sleep, crankiness and even eventually poor health. However, in addition to greater comfort and health, a comfy new mattress is also a great pick-me-up for your home, too. Modern design offers great new, high-quality platform beds that don’t require a box spring. So you get a sleek, modern look along with increased storage space.
  5. Let There Be Light (in the basement): Finally here’s a great idea to get better use out of the basement. And it helps whether the basement is currently finished or not! Add some recessed lighting. Even if the basement has a low ceiling, this approach gives the basement a cleaner and more welcoming feel without having to worry about clearance for the taller members of the family walking through. A little more challenging, perhaps, but also a great idea is to add some natural light to the basement. If windows can be added or expanded, the difference can be huge. If being so low to the ground, privacy is a concern, glass blocks in place of traditional window panes can be a great solution.

There you have it. Five home decorating tips that get you started on a revitalized home with minimal cost. There’s no reason to wait until the time is right for the big reno for you to do some small things with big benefits for the enjoyment of your home.


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