5 Great Tips on How to Insulate Windows

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Whether you’re concerned about saving money, protecting the environment, noise reduction or just keeping cozy all seasons of the year, well insulated windows are the way to go. Energy saving windows, noise reduction windows or just winter windows, whatever your needs you need to know the best way to insulate windows. Here are 5 great tips.


How to Insulate Windows               energy saving windows

1) Rubber Weather Sealing:
Your local hardware store will sell strips of self-stick rubber. Buy the needed number for your windows and cut the long strips down to fit the dimensions of your windows. Peel and stick them to the window frame. This simple method closes any gaps and keeps out unpleasant drafts. This method is cheap and effective, with minimal alterations to window appearance. However, be forewarned, when you peel away the rubber strips, they can damage paint or leave a sticky residue.

2) Window Insulation Film:
If you don’t like that option, that same hardware store will sell window insulation kits. These kits will usually include plastic shrink film that is applied to the indoor window frame with double-stick tape. After you’ve applied the film, use a hair dryer to heat and thereby shrink the film and remove any wrinkles. This method too is pretty cheap and effective. On the other hand, it does give your windows a cloudy, shrink-wrapped look. Not so great for looking out on to the great outdoors.

 3) Cellular Shades:
Another kind of option is to use cellular shades. These insulate while still letting in light through the windows. They can be custom cut from home and design centers to exactly fit your windows. If you order them pre-cut, make sure you have the dimensions right! These shades are a big improvement on the film for those who long for the sunshine in the winter of cold climates. Being custom cut is great, too. They can be pretty expensive, though, and you can’t rely upon them to insulate as well as some other options.

4) Layered Curtains:
A lot of people underestimate the old school classic. Heavy fabrics and layered curtains are great at keeping out the draft and surprisingly good for noise reduction As long as you make the right decorative choice for your home, unlike rubber strips or films, these can make your home look great. However, the better quality the drapes, the more expensive they’ll be. Plus, heavy drapes will of course block out light.

5) Draft Snakes:
A solution not often enough considered, draft snakes are fabric tubes placed on a window sill or under a door to prevent cold air from creeping in. Remember your days in dorm at university when you didn’t want the hall monitor to know you were smoking in your room and laid down the towel at the base of the door. It’s the same idea, but no reason to have to use old worn out towels. They can be custom make and beautifully crafted in materials that complement your home furnishings. To add a little extra resistance, try sewing them as sealable and fill them with dried rice. These are a cheap, easy DIY project. Remember, this method is only insulating the window sill, not the glass or frame.

Whether it’s energy saving windows, noise reduction windows or just plain old winter windows that you’re after, hopefully these tips will help you find the best way to insulate windows for your needs.

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