6 Fast Tips on How to Clean a Refrigerator

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how to clean a refridgeratorNot only does an unkempt refrigerator make for an unpleasant experience when you’re looking around for your food, but the unpleasant odors can actually leach into the food, putting off the flavor. In this short series of posts with tips for house cleaning, ideas for ensuring a clean refrigerator are important to consider. Hope these fast tips on how to clean a refrigerator are handy for keeping your cool storage smelling clean and your food tasting good.

6 Fast Tips on How to Clean a Refrigerator

1. Periodically remove all the spoiled items from your fridge. This is basic and too often neglected, as leftovers slowly make their way to the back of the fridge where they are both out of sight and out of mind. The best way to ensure you get all those forgotten, back of fridge items, is to do a thorough cleaning every once in a while.

2. Remove everything from inside of the fridge. Yes, it’s a pain, but how else are you going to be sure that you got all those stranded leftover and past due date jars. Take it all out!

3. Wipe down all the shelves. It’s amazing how the tiniest little spills, that seem inconsequential on their own, can add up to a big mess over some months – and even weeks. Be prepared to put some elbow grease into it.

4. Clean out bins and pull-out drawers. Take them to the bathtub and rinse them out thoroughly. The long term effect of moldy cheeses and vegetables gone-off has to be thoroughly cleansed away.

5. be sure to take a cloth to the back and sides of the inside of the refrigerator. There are lots of little nooks and crannies. Don’t allow all this effort to be wasted by missing those spots, where some of the worst molds and odors can build up.

6. And, hey, while you’re at it, give a good wipe down the front and sides of the refrigerator. If it’s clean on the outside, it’ll raise your own expectations for how it should be on the inside.

Hope these fast tips on how to clean a refrigerator contribute to your general tips for house cleaning and ensure that you have the clean refrigerator necessary to keep your family’s food smelling and tasting great.

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