6 Great Tip on Deciding which Vacuum Cleaner is Right for You

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It may not be the most glamorous part of home improvement but keeping your little palace free of dust bunnies is always a good idea. And on a more serious note, inattention to or ineffectiveness of regular vacuuming can result in aggravation of allergies and other generally unpleasant states of affairs. There are some important things to know about how to choose a vacuum cleaner; vacuum comparison and understanding the differences in the types of vacuum cleaners is valuable information in making the best choice in deciding which vacuum cleaner best meets your needs.

The 6 Great Types on Deciding which Vacuum Cleaner is Right for You

When doing a vacuum comparison to decide which vacuum cleaner is right for your needs, you’ll have to which vacuum cleanerfirst determine what your actual needs are around the house. Right off the top you’ll want to decide between uprights and canisters. Each has its own advantages. It is an understanding of your cleaning needs that will guide you to the best choice.

1. Uprights vs Canisters

The upright vacuum cleaner will do better overall on carpets. If you have wall-to-wall carpets, an upright would seem to be the obvious call. A canister though gives a more flexible set of cleaning options and would likely suit best if you have varied flooring. It is also more practical for cleaning stairs. On the other hand, the canister can be awkward and difficult to move around some spaces.

2. Consider Filtration Options

Before you buy, familiarize yourself with available filtration systems. The filtration level varies.  Generally bag collection systems have little or no filtration.  More costly but more beneficial filter systems usually come with canisters. These HEPA systems will filter out pollen and tiny particles which could have a great benefit for reducing allergic reactions among the household.

3. Check the features 

You’ll want to be sure there is an on/off switch for the brush. This will protect bare floors and greatly reduce the annoyance of scattered debris. Also look for a motorized brush, rather than suction exclusive systems.  Manual pile-height adjustment, suction control for more delicate or fragile surfaces, like drapes , and edge tools for getting into corners are all great additions to have.

4. Is Bagless the Way to Go

Some people swear by the benefits of not having to continually put up with the additional expense and trouble buying and replacing bags. Remember though that baglass vacuums do require maintenance and regular filter replacement. If asthma or allergies are a concern, emptying the dust and mess of bagless vacuum cleaner’s bins could be another drawback.

5. Try it out

Even if you’re intending to save some money by shopping online, it is still a good idea to visit a store to test the vacuum you’re considering for weight and manoeuvrability. A hands-on examination of the model’s controls and features is also advised. And, heck, while you’re there, why not ask the shop if its willing to meet or beat your online price?

6. (You Can) Just Say No to Attachments

Sure, some attachments can be great and add value, but exercise discretion and save a few dollars. All the bells and whistlers seem great and exciting, but be sure you need them before you actually buy them. For instance, don’t let yourself be sold a drapery attachment if you only have blinds on your windows.

Hope these great tips help you be better informed about vacuum comparison and understanding the differences in the types of vacuum cleaners so you are better able to decide how to choose a vacuum cleaner that best meets your needs.


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