7 Tips on Installing fixed roof windows

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fixed roof windowsA roof window is different from a skylight; it is like a regular window with sashes that pivot or slide open, as opposed to a skylight that has fixed panes of glass that cannot be opened. Whether fixed or not, in certain situations, a window can be framed from inside the roof to provide the perfect solution to ventilation or light restrictions resulting from obstacles such as surrounding structures. Here are some tips on installing opening or fixed roof windows that may help you with figuring out your needs regarding roof windows and skylights.

7 Tips on Installing fixed roof windows

1. First you need the right location. Set it between roof rafters. A stud finder enables you to locate the rafters if they are not exposed. You certainly want to avoid window placement that necessitates the cutting of any rafters; this gets into much more complicated operations to preserve your home’s structural integrity. Also, you don’t want the sill of the window to be any more than 44 inches off the finished floor of the room. Otherwise ease of reach is compromised, as is the quality of the view.

2. Once you’re established your best window location, cut the drywall on the interior surface of the roof with a utility knife. Remove the isolated section, along with the insulation underneath.

3. With a tape measure, establish the height and width of your new window. Be sure to add ½ inch to each of these measurements. This provides the rough opening dimensions you will need.

4. You’ll need lumber that is the same width as that used on your roof rafters. Use a circular saw to cut two pieces to a length equal to the measurement between the rafters.

5. Next, you’ll want to position one of the lumber pieces, horizontally, between the rafters at the location identified for the window sill. A carpenter’s level, placed on top of the piece, will ensure that it is level. Once you’ve established it is level, nail the piece into place, using 16-penny nails. Put them through the sides of each rafter and into the ends of the horizontals.

6. Now, this instruction requires close attention: measure from the top surface of the horizontal sill piece you have installed up the rafter to a measurement that equals the height of your window rough opening and make a mark. Do this for each adjacent rafter to the sill. Position the remaining cut piece of lumber to the marks on the rafters. Again, level and nail it into place, following the same procedure as with the sill piece.

7. Finally, you’ll measure and cut a piece of lumber that equals the height of your rough opening. Vertically place this piece between the horizontal sill and top pieces of lumber you’ve installed. Now, slide the piece as needed until the measurement between it and one of the rafters equals the rough opening width measurement. Last time, level and nail the piece into place, putting your nails through the top and bottom of the horizontal pieces.

Hope these tips on installing opening or fixed roof windows may help you with figuring out your needs regarding roof windows and skylights.

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