A Garage Makeover to Get Your Space Back

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garage makeoverSo you’ve bought a brand new car? Or maybe the old one is getting a little temperamental in the cold or wet weather? So you’ve decided to start keeping it in the garage. Ah, the garage. Yes, no car is fitting in there, is it? It’s become a real cultural phenomenon, how so many of us, without really intending it, have turned our garages into storage spaces. And, furthermore, storage spaces that have often gotten a bit out of hand. Well, if you want to reclaim your garage, for your car, or any other purpose, don’t be dismayed. Organizing a garage can be done. A little garage cleaning can go a long way in achieving the garage makeover you need to reclaim that part of your house.

A Garage Makeover to Get Your Space Back

1. Make Some Choices

The first sight of all that gathered stuff (notice, I didn’t say “junk”), can be a bit discouraging, but all you need to get started is some initial acts of discrimination. Begin by separating everything into three categories. These can be identified as the things you must keep, the things you can throw out and those you can sell.

2. Reallocate if Possible

It’s possible that the things in the “must keep” pile will still fit in the garage in a way compatible with your intended new use of the garage. But, maybe it’s better not to tempt the fates; you’ve already seen how these collections can take on an apparent life of their own.  Maybe it’s a better idea to give some thought to somewhere else in the house to keep the “must keep” stuff. If you can determine a spot with more defined and limited area for growth, that might be a good idea.

3. Junk and Treasure

Just because you’ve decided that you don’t want it cluttering up your garage any longer doesn’t mean that someone else may not love it. No reason to toss it in a landfill, if someone else might benefit from it and give you a few bucks for the privilege. Yard sales or, dare I say it, garage sales, can be a great way to liberate yourself from some of that stuff and you might even scrape together enough money to repaint the garage. After the sale, though, don’t fall into the trap of simply returning to the garage anything that didn’t sell. Give it away to charities, giving priority to the ones will to come and pick it up. And, if no one bought it and no charity will take it, I’m guessing you put it in the wrong pile from the start.

4. Adios Amigo

If you don’t have to keep it, you can’t sell it and no one will take it for free, it should find its way to the garbage pile. In many municipalities and counties large volumes, big or awkward items require a special fee to have them picked up and taken to the dump. This is why we’d prefer to sell what we can. However, at the end of the day, you will likely have to bite the bullet and pay a few bucks to get rid of what’s left

5. Final Touches

No doubt there will be stuff you will still want to keep in the garage, so let’s create some good organizing practices to avoid a repeat of the past performance. Start with garage organizers, such as shelves or bins. For bicycle storage, look into a lift hoist to move your bikes up and out of the way. Peg boards and tool towers can help free up space too. Look for signs of rodent activity. If you find any droppings or nests, lay down traps to get rid of the unwelcomed house guests. You’ll want to sweep or blow clean the garage, removing all debris. A pressure washer might be a great choice for this job. If your initial motivation was not to create room for your car, but to claim the garage as living space, have a look at this HIR post.

Follow these simple steps and you’ll see that organizing a garage can be done more quickly and easily than you thought. We hope garage cleaning tips help you achieve the garage makeover you need to get the most out of your garage space.

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