Ceramic Tile Designs and Choices for Floors

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tile floor installationYour average square room might be made up of six surfaces, but they are nowhere near to equal in terms of the wear and tear that they take. The proverbial Martian anthropologist would immediately notice what many of us just take for granted: our floors have to take a lot. Having the right floors are essential for aesthetic appeal, but they have to be mighty sturdy, too. Ceramic tile is a great choice, which can meet these needs. Here are some tips one choosing the best ceramic tile designs and quality for your floors.

Ceramic Tile Designs and Choices for Floors

1. Ceramic tile comes in a variety of sizes: from 4X4 to 12X12 inch squares and rectangles shaped 2X4 inches, 4X8 inches and 8X10 inches

2. There is also the option of mosaic tiles, which come in smaller sizes, about 5X5 centimeters. For purposes of covering floor space, they have to be assembled into one bigger tile ranging from 10X10 inches to 12X12 inches.

3. When choosing ceramic tile, consider the area of the house to be tiled. For instance, a kitchen may want colourful and patterned tiles. It may also be best served by a glossier surface for ease of cleaning. On the other hand, tiles used out of doors should not easily absorb humidity and water.

4. When tiling a small room, it is advised against using a large sized tile. It will make the room look small. In general, it is wise to have give some thought to planning your tile arrangement even before going shopping for your ceramic tiles. Indeed, even after you’ve done some browsing, you might want to first return home and try to imagine the application of the tiles that caught your eye, within the actual space, before you take the plunge and purchase.

5. When choosing a diversity of tiles, be sure to compare them for compatibility and try out arrangement in the shop, so you can feel confident your ideas will reflect well in the tile arrangmentsts, before you buy.

6. It is also a smart idea to buy an excess of what you need for the exact space to be tiled; usually about 5-10% will do. There is always the possibility of damage during tile floor installation.

7. Specific details of the tile model, color, pattern, number and quantity should be clearly indicated on the box, including the date of manufacture. This information should also indicate the grade of the tiles.

We hope these tips on choosing the best ceramic tile designs and quality for your floors will help you get the most out of all your future tile floor installation projects.


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