This might seem like an odd product to include on a site about home improvement. But really you’d be shocked that aside from the obvious play value and cool factor with your kids if you brought home a drone, they also serve some worthwhile purposes around the home.

Drones can be equipped with different state of the art technology such as infra-red camerasĀ (basically can see heat), GPS (ability to be tracked by satellite) and laser (used mostly for targeting by the military).

But you say why do I need any of those things?

You would be amazed, you need to check out your roof or chimney, put away that ladder. You want to map the front gardens or your backyard, no need for tape measures.

OK let’s face it I am reaching a bit here, but I have a drone with a camera and it has come in handy for those things. But more importantly than that, they are just flat out fun to play with…

Find your newest big boy’s toy below.

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