Great Small Yard Landscaping Ideas

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small yard landscaping ideasHaving a small yard doesn’t mean that you can’t get big enjoyment out of it. Your back yard garden can be your perfect getaway if you know how to implement some great small backyard garden ideas. We hope these small yard landscaping ideas help give you the backyard space that gives you and your the family the comfort of home outdoors.

Great Small Yard Landscaping Ideas

Make It Count

If you don’t have much room, you do have to make it count. Every inch can be optimized for the best results. Pay particular attention to features such as fences, walls, and paved areas. They should have the right scale and proportion. If done in a manner that complements your existing trees and shrubs, those features lend structure year-round to your garden. Layer your plants with attention to their diverse heights, colors, and textures. This will add depth to a small space. Be sure to choose varieties that will give you successive flowering periods. The small space is nicely aided by having flowers in bloom and if you get a nice series of succession in your blooming plants, you can maintain that great appeal through most of the season. Another great touch is to personalize your home’s exterior. This can be done is a variety of ways, with a large range of combinations to get just the feel you want. Try using hardware, lighting, containers, and trellises; an integrated, thematic approach works best. Finaly, while doing all your planning and planting, keep in mind the views from inside the house. Illuminating the garden at night is great not only when you’re out there, but in providing a pleasant view from within, as well.

An Intimate Entry is a Great Introduction

First impressions count for a lot, nothing makes that first impression of a small yard as not cramps, but cozy, better than an intimate entry way. The garden arch is a classic for a good reason; it makes a strong visual connection between the landscape and the house. An exaggerated lamppost with a curved support bracket has much the same affect. Some plant climbers along the pole or the arch nicely integrate the former into the garden just as the arch or pole extends the scope of the garden.

Your choice of paving will suggest the style of your home and your garden, too. You might want to try irregular, multicolored pieces of slate. It serves as a casual pathway giving an informal cottage feel. The diversity of the look creates a greater sense of space in its own irregularity. This leads to a larger question.

Walled Stone Patios Work

It is important to give some serious consideration to the paving material that you will use for an outdoor dining area. Irregular shapes and colors can add dimensions, it’s true, but paving a small area with several materials can have the reverse effect, being too busy for the smaller space. One suggestion is to use cut bluestone pavers of different sizes and lay them in a random pattern. You could add a low perimeter wall made from concrete block and finished with stucco and a bluestone cap to add definition to the space. An enhanced sense of privacy can be created with a woodland edge of trees, shrubs, and ferns. It provides a great buffer that shields you from view, while letting light and air filter through.

Virtues of an Ornamental Frontal Border

If it’s done tastefully, a border along the front of a property encloses a delightful garden area that will offer you privacy without upsetting the neighbors. You could try using an English lattice pattern for a charming cottage look. Highlighting it with the right flora – such as creeping phlox, heuchera, salvia, cranesbill, red valerian, catmint, rose campion or penstemon – might just do the trick. It gives you the space for a private refuge while showing the world an aesthetically pleasing design.

However small the back yard garden space you have to work with, we hope these great small backyard garden ideas help you with your small yard landscaping ideas, so you can enjoy the backyard space that gives you and your the family the comfort of home outdoors.

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