Home Security Solutions: GE 51107 Smart Home Wireless Alarm System Kit Review

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If you’re looking for a cost effective solution to your home security needs a great way to maintain security at home is with GE 51107  residential security systems. This post of Home Improvement Rocks provides an overview of this affordable answer to providing security at home.

Home Security Solutions: GE 51107 Smart Home Wireless Alarm System

The GE 51107 Personal Security Alarm Kit is an affordable and effective choice. It includes a deluxe door alarm that has a four-digit keypad and three independent window alarms. A great advantage of this system is the time and expense saved from not having to do a bunch of complicated wiring work: the installation involves no wiring or drilling.

Easy to Install and Use
Mount the deluxe door alarm, along with any of the window alarms, with double-sided tape or with the screws included in the kit. No drilling or wiring are needed. No measuring or messing with templates. Just put it up and ensure that the batteries are fresh with the battery test switch or low battery indicator and you’re ready to go. That’s all there is to the installation. The GE51107 Personal Security Alarm system is just as easy to use. The door and window alarms feature easy access buttons and controls for simple operation. The GE51107 alarm kit’s installation and use are intuitive; no special technical skill — certainly no electrian — is required.

20-Decibel Deluxe Door Alarm with Keypad for Peace of Mind
You will have a customized PIN number to use on the four-digit keypad that allows you to program the alarm for you own security needs. Select instant or delayed alarms with the flip of an easy-access switch. In the ‘Away’ mode, you have 45 seconds to exit your home after arming the system. When you get return, open the door and deactivate the alarm within 30 seconds by entering your custom four-digit code. When you’re home, you can select the ‘Home’ mode to activate perimeter security without triggering the alarm with internal movements.

The GE51107’s 120-decibel siren will alert you and your neighbors of any attempted break-in. It provides great deterrent to burglars while giving you maximum opportunity to alert the authorities and move your family to safety.

A nice additional feature of the system is that while you’re home you can switch it off from ‘Alarm’ mode and set it to emit a chime that alerts you each time a door is opened. This is a great additional home security solution for those with small children to that they don’t wander outside unsupervised.

Three Window Alarms for Added Security
The GE51107 Personal Security Alarm Kit also includes three independent window alarms, each one of these has a built-in 120-decibel alarm for even more enhanced security at home. The wireless system makes protecting the windows in your home easy as can be. Each window alarm features an on/off/chime switch for easy operation and a battery-test switch for checking battery life. The window alarm operates on LR44 batteries that are included in the kit and will last up to a year.

There are more costly options, with direct lines to responders, but these can get awfully expensive. If you’re looking for home security solutions that are cost effective and yet provide the peace of mind for security at home, this home alarm systems review gives a high rating to the GE51107 Personal Security Alarm Kit.


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