How to make artificial rocks for your garden

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how to make artificial rocksAppropriately placed rocks can add a delightful feel to a well designed garden space. Such decorative rocks, though, once they get to a certain size, become difficult to move, making both arrangement and maintenance awkward – possibly even hazardous. Here are some great ideas on how to make artificial rocks so that you have just the right fake rocks for landscaping that give your garden the feel you want.

How to make artificial rocks for your garden

1. Making sure that you’re wearing protective work gloves and a construction mask, we want to start by creating a mold for the artificial rocks. Shape chicken wire and stuff it with plastic grocery bags or any other type of lightweight material to give it body and strength. Another option is to glue sheets of Styrofoam together for bulk. You can then carve your artificial rock with a sharp knife.

2. Now we’re ready to make the hypertufa material: place 1 part Portland cement into a large mixing container, then add 1 part sand. Mix these together then add 1 part peat. Stir well, adding enough water to make a very thick but mouldable paste. Finding just the right amount of water will require a little trial and error experimenting.

4. Trowel the hypertufa onto the mold until it is completely covered. Be sure to use enough to provide stability to the resulting artificial rock. Again, experience will help you better anticipate the best proportions in the future.

5. Use natural sea sponge or bubble wrap, or some such textured material, to dab the hypertufa so that you can create some interesting depth to the rock. The result will be a nice naturally weathered look.

6. Now you want your creation to harden into a rock. Place it into a black plastic lawn bag. Allow it to dry underneath the plastic covering for two or three days.

7. After this time, it will be ready to remove from the black plastic. You might want to paint it, but a nice look also comes from leaving it with its natural color. This is your call on whatever looks best in your garden.

We hope these great ideas on how to make artificial rocks help you get just the right fake rocks for landscaping your garden’s needs.

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