Ideas for Wine Bottle Centerpieces

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wine bottle centerpiecesToday we have something a little different, as HIR spreads its wings and expands its horizons. We don’t intent to transform the blog into either a decorative display or a wine aficionado site, but a flair for each can certainly contribute to the pleasure of your home. There are many occasions when you might have a festive event at your home and be on the lookout for a great idea for table centerpieces and if your guests have an appreciation of wine, wine themed centerpieces might be the way to go. So, we hope these ideas for wine bottle centerpieces provide you just the sort of centerpieces ideas for parties and other events that help you get the most of your home entertainment projects.

Ideas for Wine Bottle Centerpieces

1. The first possibility you might want to consider is the use of wine bottles on their own. They can make an excellent decorative display alone. Some people choose empty bottles of white wine particularly because they are generally a lighter green than the bottles that hold red wine and hence play better with the lighting. For containers to hold your wine bottles a popular choice is the classic wicker basket. Another option you might consider, though, is the more industrial-style shallow wooden crate. If you add a few strategically places stands of straw you can give the crate a nice rustic feel. Popular options are also to fill the empty bottles with flowers, ivy, vines or small stones. This kind of approach creates a nice natural look. If you’re collecting bottles for such an arrangement, a good idea is to also save the corks from the bottles. They can be used to decorate the table or you can attach them to silver rings to use as napkin holders.

2. As nice as such crafty use of empty bottles can be, for the wine connoisseurs, or indeed for many special events, it may be the wine itself that really makes for the centerpiece of the occasion. For many special occasions, such as milestone birthdays or anniversaries, you might want to look into having wines especially made. A great option on those occasions is to have dedicated decorative labels created, so that the wine bottle may become a souvenir of a memorable occasion that guests will want to keep for posterity. If taking this approach, it is best to look for smaller baskets that fit a standing wine bottle but can be taken home by guests. A placement suggestion is to have a wine basket set out in front of each pair of guests. You can arrange them to form a circle or rectangle facing the perimeter of the table. You might want to position a flower, fruit or leaf arrangement in the middle of the bottles. This can work very nicely to tie the entire display together.

3. And, of course, as great as good wine can be all on its own, it’s so much better when matched with the right appetisers. This is a lesson you can apply not only to the gustatory pleasures, but the decorative ones as well.  Create a centerpiece using food-pairing methods. Select a round decorative basket and fill it with two different wines. You can then place in the basket containers holding such wine accompanying delights as cured meat, cheese, olives, or chocolate. This basket can be a great take-home for your guests, which they’ll appreciate and talk about long after. Or, for the right occasion, it can be your style of presentation for appetisers or dessert courses.

When you find yourself on the lookout for wine themed centerpieces, we hope these ideas for wine bottle centerpieces provide you just the sort of centerpiece ideas for parties and other events that make a great occasion for you and your guests.

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