Some Head-ups on Good Home Ventilation

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home ventilationGood ventilation is a very important and too often underrated aspect of having both a clean and healthy home. The secret to knowing our degree of success in this regard may be revealed by a visit to the basement. What you don’t want to smell is that musty, moldy odor. Obviously having good ventilation is desirable simply for the cleanliness of the home, but it is especially important to avoid dust and mold-related allergies.  Even for those without such allergies, a poorly ventilated area is immediately detectable and generally unpleasant. Here are some head-ups on good ventilation equipment and ventilation design, to ensure your optimum home ventilation and clear home air.

Some Head-ups on Good Home Ventilation

Know the enemy
A good motivator for staying on top of good ventilation is to be aware of just what we’re dealing with in this situation. Consider the large number of nasty stuff that most of us breath in on a daily basis. These can include the following:

  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Washing and cooking moisture
  • Volatile cleaner compounds
  • Dust mites (Yuck! Do not go the Google and look up a microscopic picture of a dust mite!)
  • Mold particles
  • Dead human skin

Protect yourself and your family

Some people think that there’s comfort in just sitting at home and cranking up the air conditioner. That can be soothing for the hottest and most humid of days, but it’s not necessarily that much of an improvement in your air quality and it can be awfully expensive.

You can reduce your summer energy bills by as much as 40% by replacing your AC with a high-powered house fan. Furthermore, such fans will also contribute to a healthier home ventilation system by expelling the polluted air – filled with all those enemies listed above – instead of merely re-circulating, which is all that the air conditioner does.

Another great tip is to put fans in the attic. By removing the hot air from the attic, in summer, such fans will contribute to a cooling of the entire house tremendously.

You can add an exhaust fan or a vent fan to any home and it will reduce energy bills, improve ventilation, and clear the air.

Hope these head-ups on good ventilation equipment and ventilation design help you to ensure your optimum home ventilation and clear home air.


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