Some Quick Down-and-Dirty Tips on Home Siding Options

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If you really want to get that great new look on your home, few projects will be more rewarding than replacing that siding. It has great curb appeal and will add value to your house. When it comes to types of siding and house siding colors, you’ll have plenty of options. What is the best siding for homes? It depends on you, your tastes and needs.

Home Siding Options

  • wood siding
  • aluminum siding
  • vinyl siding
  • cement fiber siding

Wood has been an old faithful for a long time. It’s beautiful aesthetically and gives the home a delightful heritage look. However, be warned it is high maintenance. It requires painting and caulking. The upkeep has led many a homeowner to switch to aluminum or vinyl siding.

If you think wood might be more trouble than you are up for then aluminum siding could be just the thing. It has evolved over the years into a very low maintenance and popular siding choice. It is especially common these days on newer homes. Aluminum is manufactured in strips with perforated holes at the top for easy fastening to the exterior wall. In this way it interlocks at the top and bottom which provides you a great seal against the elements of the weather seeping underneath.

If you’re looking for a great range of color options, vinyl may be the way to go. Not only does it come in a great range of colors, but vinyl is usually less expensive than aluminum. However, like aluminum, vinyl siding also is manufactured in strips with perforated holes at the top for fastening into the exterior wall and interlocking flanges top and bottom to seal against weather.

The newest kid on the block in the world of residential siding is cement fiber. It’s well recommended for its durability and very low maintenance cost. And for those concerned with environmental considerations, it is made from recyclable materials — so it’s eco-friendly as well. And for those who love the look of wood, but haven’t the time for its demanding upkeep, cement fiber can closely resemble a natural wood grain; it is virtually indistinguishable from some wood siding products.

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