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Welcome to our site, we believe it’s the first, or at least the very best of it’s kind online. Lots of places offer reviews. More than you can shake a stick at offer you the ability to purchase things. Others are built around providing DIY project info. We offer it all in one place, it just makes sense when you think about it.

Think about it, you are searching for cool birdhouse plans for a project you want to do with your kids and you find them. You read through it seems perfect and at the end of the article we’ve done all the hard work for you, and compared all the places online that sell those plans. You pick the offer you like, based on either price, or shipping speed/cost or bonuses they might include. Either way the choice is yours and we constantly are updating our site as the prices are updated elsewhere.

We should get something out of the way here so nobody feels they are being mislead in anyway. We are members of a many different affiliate programs, meaning that most of the products listed on the site if purchased by YOU, will pay us a small commission. This is important to know for a few reasons, let me lay them out for you.

First of all, we would NEVER accept payment to give a good review to a product that we didn’t care for. Our reputation matters to us a lot more than the few bucks we might make for selling a sub standard product.

Secondly we would never suggest a product that pays more commission over a better one that pays less to us. We know that is a great SHORT TERM business model. Once people realize they can’t trust our opinions there is no way to walk that back.

Finally, these commissions help us to keep this site up to date. To be able to test and review products is not without cost in time and material.

Having said ALL of the above if you still don’t feel quite right about us making money off your purchase we can respect that, here’s how you get around it.

Click any link on our site of a product you like. Once you are at the store selling it, make a note of the exact product name in their listing (example here, don’t worry it opens in a new window). Copy it to your clipboard (directions here). Clear your browsers cache (directions for most major browsers here) and paste the full name of the product you saved into the search bar of the store you saved it from. Our affiliate link will be gone and you can purchase the product commission free.

Hey we hope that as the commission being paid to us does NOT increase the cost to you, you’ll be OK with it. But we wanted to give you the choice to opt out if you prefer. That’s just the way we roll around here 🙂

That is pretty much what we do in a nutshell around here. We are not some Johnny come lately, if you want to go to Whois.net and check out our domain  info you’ll see we’ve been around since 2012, which is a lifetime on the internet. So we know what we are doing and we will continue to always improve our site and offer more and more products and services as time goes on.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope this little overview helped you feel more comfortable in trusting what you read on our site. Please feel free to drop us a note anytime to offer suggestions, compliments and yes even criticisms. We welcome the chance to improve for our readers.

Take care and hope to see you on the site again soon.

Warm Regards,

HIR Team[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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